How was the year, my friend?

Did you kick-off the year as you desired?
Did you get high on new year eve?
Did you engross the new year eve with your partner?
Did you party hard on new year eve with friends?

Did you spend new year eve traveling?
Did crackers, and noisy neighbors spoil new year eve?
Did you spend new year eve at the office?
Did a book keep you awake on new year eve?
Did you glare at your text editor on new year eve?

Did you make new year resolutions?
Did you remember it now?
Did the sun shine blossom happiness over the year?
Did the rains water your soul anytime?

Did you step in different cities and countries?
Did you enjoy work?
Did your bank balance grow?
Did you prune yourself?
Did you invest in yourself?

Did you forget to thank someone for help?
Did you have belly laugh reading texts?
Did you lose yourself?
Did abyss cave inside you?

Did you turn solitude into tranquility?
Did you burn inside to feel the warmth outside?
Did you find what’s burning inside you?
Did you radiate in the dark?

Did you get high and felt low?
Did you find love?
Did someone love you back?
Did you break someone’s heart?
Did you fornicate?

Did you converse with nature?
Did you swim in the river?
Did you stare at the evening sky?
Did you witness the swarm of evening birds returning to nest?
Did you feel joyous while returning home?

Did you deplete all nights alone?
Did you regret not saying hello to the girl?
Did you stroll the streets when the city fell asleep?
Did you find the shadow in the dark nights?

Did you feel the silence of the city in the midnight?
Did you understand the city is your companion?
Did you miss the moon every month?
Did the moon reflect your feelings?

Did marriage and relationship status in social media haunt you?
Did you check out your exes safety during harsh times?

Did you find your younger self in a stranger?
Did you find a stranger in you?
Did you grow older inside?
Did you strain your relationship with the parents?

Did you find an album to resonate your thought beats?
Did you find an author to transport you to another world?
Did you bond with the dead person’s work?
Did you acquire a taste for art?

Did you read a classic?
Did you find an antagonist in you?
Did someone’s fantasy appeal reality to you?
Did a character in the book resemble you?

Did you do a million acts to impress an infant?
Did you show kindness to infants, outsiders, and minorities?
Did you feel like an outsider in your birthplace?
Did you help a stranger?

Did you lose temper with a stranger?
Did you treat maids, security guards and others with dignity?
Did their life improve last year?
Did their children believe in future?

Did you think of life in other parts of the world?
Did you think about the life of have-nots?
Did your belief system change?
Did your thoughts waver every month?
Did your strong opinions become weak?

Did you feel peace at heart?
Did you date yourself?
Did kafkaesque dream scare you?
Did you wake up to Aadhar texts?

Did a death move you?
Did you friend an infant in real life?
Did you encounter a human who changed your thinking and feeling?
Did another human’s happiness lit your heart?
Did you shed tears for an unknown human?

Did you get time to think about every month events?
Did you revisit your memories?
Did you relook at your yesteryear snaps?
Did you think about your childhood?
Did you picture yourself in future?

Did you steer the year in your direction?
Did you experience the year was a repeat of the previous year?
Did your will to live change?

Did you find a reflection of yourself elsewhere?
Did you contemplate on life?
Did you begin the quest for the meaning of life?
Did you find logic in the string of absurd life events?