Rowing Between the Rooftops

Everybody once or multiple times must have encountered one or all of the following questions. What’s the worth of human life? What’s the purpose of life? What’s the meaning of life? The answers to these questions vary largely on the various human capacities, reasons, and faith. And not definitive. In the last three years in South India, few crore individuals and beings had been threatened by natural disasters: Chennai Floods - 2016, Oukhi Cyclone - 2017, and Kerala Floods 2018. [Read More]

Where India Goes Book Review

As of 2017, 17.9 % of the world population lives in India. 60% of the global population lives in Asia; 16 % of people live in Africa. As the population grows in India, the IMR(Infant Mortality Rate) is slowly dropping. Out of 190 countries, India occupies the 125th place with IMR rate of 41.36(as of 2015), out of 1000 babies born, 40 babies die in the first five years. These are facts or undeniable truths. [Read More]

Rivers Remember Book Review

All the greatest civilization rose on the river banks: Mesopotamia on Tigrus and Euphrates, Egypt on the Nile, Indus Valley on Indus River, Huang-He River Civilization on Yellow River. Singara Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu state located on the Coromandel coast of Bay of Bengal with a population close to eight lakhs. First week of December 2015, due to a torrential downpour of North-East monsoon Singara Chennai submerged became Sinkana(submerged) Chennai. [Read More]

Review: Existentialism is a humanism

Existentialism is humanism is a book compiled out of Jean Paul Sartre lecture. In the talk, Sartre answers questions - What is existentialism? - What are the principles of existentialism? - What does existentialism teach human? - Does existentialism disseminate quietism and despair? - Who is human? - What is life? - What is freedom? - Does presence or existence of God have an impact on human life? - And other seminal questions on the topic. [Read More]