2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly Election Result Analysis

In 2021 Tamil Nadu assembly elections, DMK alliance won the 159 seats out of 234 and AIADMK alliance won 75 seats and Stalin became Chief Minister of TamilNadu. The post analysis the results of the election based on votes, parties and alliances performances. Vote Share DMK Alliance had a lead over AIADMK alliance by 6%. DMK+: 45.6% AIADMK+: 39.5% NTK: 6.57% AMMK+: 2.87% MNM+: 2. [Read More]

the orders were to rape you - Book Review

We will build the tomb For women's exploitation We will dig the graves For society's backward ideas - Captain Vaanathi The warfare techniques evolved all along with technological advancements. The combat weapons became - sword, gun powder, tanks, missiles, submarines, aircraft, automated missiles, cyber-attacks, biological weapons. One everlasting weapon over centuries is rape. Rape is an undocumented and loaded weapon in the military playbook and men’s minds. LTTE and Tamil Eelam’s freedom struggle is always a topic of discussion in Tamil Nadu since 1970s. [Read More]


The word dream broadly has two meanings. The one an individual experiences in the sleep and another is a connotation for the word ambition. The earlier definition of the dream is beyond one’s capacity to control. The later one individual chooses. There is an insider joke in Tamil Nadu; there are more Tamil literary writers than readers. There is a long history of Tamil short stories and novels. Every famous writer maintains their own list of best short stories and novels in Tamil. [Read More]

Somber HeartBeats

Life - minute after minute mistakes, missteps, and mishaps. Journey, carrying all pile inside in every step without any spot to unload. The living is the rent to carry all the untasteful events. For an external observer, it’s an event of failure, for the host, it’s a warehouse of faults. For the host, all events are an unbreakable streak of failures and held by the gravity of failures. For the observer, it’s a chance to learn. [Read More]

A Few Questions to the Devotees

This is the English translation of Periyar’s work published under the title, “பக்தர்களுக்கு சில கேள்விகள்” The work is available under Copy Left license and translated PDFs link in English, Tamil and English available at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to share and use it. For suggestions and comments, you can reach to me in Twitter. A few questions to the devotees If God created the universe, who created God? [Read More]

Sow Fear to Reap Obedience

The fear is a weapon targeted at an individual, group to exert power to control, reap benefits for the imposer, and maintain the status quo. Religion has understood it very well today and has used it against the followers and no need to say who are the benefactors. Videos are circulating in social media, where police stop migrant workers and beat them, hit the vegetable carts, stand outside the mosque and beat the men, etc. [Read More]

Brahminism was always here and was everywhere

Now Zoho’s CEO, Sridhar Vembu decision to participate in RSS program, “Resurgent Bharath” and a former employee, Saravanan Raja, resignation blog post published in August 2019, is creating decision in Twitter. When I first read it, it was not surprising to me. Personal Experience Last nine years, I lived in Bangalore. And worked as a software engineer in both the product and service industry with Indian, Indian-origin and Foreign bosses. [Read More]

Rowing Between the Rooftops

Everybody once or multiple times must have encountered one or all of the following questions. What’s the worth of human life? What’s the purpose of life? What’s the meaning of life? The answers to these questions vary largely on the various human capacities, reasons, and faith. And not definitive. In the last three years in South India, few crore individuals and beings had been threatened by natural disasters: Chennai Floods - 2016, Oukhi Cyclone - 2017, and Kerala Floods 2018. [Read More]

Where India Goes Book Review

As of 2017, 17.9 % of the world population lives in India. 60% of the global population lives in Asia; 16 % of people live in Africa. As the population grows in India, the IMR(Infant Mortality Rate) is slowly dropping. Out of 190 countries, India occupies the 125th place with IMR rate of 41.36(as of 2015), out of 1000 babies born, 40 babies die in the first five years. These are facts or undeniable truths. [Read More]

What doesn't pain?

What doesn’t pain in life? From very existence to every activity, Love inflicts unfathomable mental burden, shows all places which are filled with feelings, which you never want to know. Work produces dissatisfaction of time like ants laying the chemical path. Society breeds intolerance and disillusion Art becomes a fashionable entertainment Intoxicants are the only land of the refuge. Philosophy proves the life is walking around the globe Friendships rarely lasts long, always short, confined, consumed by timezone difference two individuals with single mind. [Read More]