2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly Election Result Analysis

In 2021 Tamil Nadu assembly elections, DMK alliance won the 159 seats out of 234 and AIADMK alliance won 75 seats and Stalin became Chief Minister of TamilNadu. The post analysis the results of the election based on votes, parties and alliances performances. Vote Share DMK Alliance had a lead over AIADMK alliance by 6%. DMK+: 45.6% AIADMK+: 39.5% NTK: 6.57% AMMK+: 2.87% MNM+: 2. [Read More]

2019 elections infographics

General Elections Whom did TN electors vote for in 2019 general elections? DMK+: 52.70%, ADMK+: 30.10%, AMMK: 5.13%, NTK: 3.89%, MNM: 3.75%, NOTA: 1.27%, OTHERS: 3.15%. In Box plot, AMMK and MNM have outliers ignoring ‘OTHERS.’ MNM’s main vote share(>10%) came from four constituencies Chennai (3) and Coimbatore (1). Constituency wise all parties vote share. What are the constituencies were winning margin is less than 10%? [Read More]