What doesn't pain?

What doesn’t pain in life? From very existence to every activity, Love inflicts unfathomable mental burden, shows all places which are filled with feelings, which you never want to know. Work produces dissatisfaction of time like ants laying the chemical path. Society breeds intolerance and disillusion Art becomes a fashionable entertainment Intoxicants are the only land of the refuge. Philosophy proves the life is walking around the globe Friendships rarely lasts long, always short, confined, consumed by timezone difference two individuals with single mind. [Read More]


No one bought his dreams
After death
He sowed them in the graveyard

No one rings the door bell

The house is clean, fragrant,
the refrigerator is full,
the snack jar overflows with nuts,
three single malt whiskeys in the kitchen shelf,
fresh farm fruits in the basket.

The day and night, I prepare food,
And feed me watching videos.
Other than online order delivery boys,
No one rings the doorbell.

The Second Sunrise

As soon as you wake up, a message on the phone screen flashes, “How was the weekend?”. In a minute, you recollect, the vibrant scenes of the weekend, and once again experience the two days while still yawning with half eye closed. The question brings a whole light to the Monday, like a second sunrise in the day, And like a summer river joyously flowing after heavy showers, washing all the reminiscences in the course, bring the unexpected sediments. [Read More]

A tall stout tree

A stout, straight tree, tallest in the park, no grass surrounding the tree, dogs urinate on it, children play ‘touch me’ game around the tree, lovers rest on the trunk and talk all day, families sit in a circle and eat food, crows feed on the litter, photographer clicks a cute standing next to the tree, bibliophile lays beneath the tree reading ‘White nights,’ long ago a bird dropped the seed, the seed started growing in the night. [Read More]

Fruits of the park

The unnamed bird’s chirp
The squirrels run down from the tree
The puppies play in the grass
The public circle inside the park
The families relax beneath the shades of the tree
The kids’ cycle around the park
A blind man walks alone.

Flying in the night

I fly in the night Like the bird questing for the nest. I see the dispersed clouds in the blue sky Like the freedom to roam. I scrap the papers in the street Like cleaning the heart. I fell asleep and woke up Like a security guard in the gate. I feel I found a purpose of life Like the howling street dog in the night. [Read More]

Working to escape feelings

When the new year sun shines on the grass, it’s a next number in the common era, It is a continuation of yesterday. The biological aging process continues, Deaths increases, Deceased don’t wake up from the coffin, And sit in the weary stone bench And contemplate is time linear in the earth? On a sunny afternoon, In the middle of a traffic jam, Tens of bots, and automatons, send you the birthday wishes. [Read More]

Lonely world

It’s a lonely world Even your sleep is sold There is no one to hold Everything you touch is cold. It’s dark inside and bright outside Thousands of friends in the network But no one to share the table Like a single flower vase. Like withered leaves, the life changes the color, to decrease the living will, And fly high to cover the dead. Absorb all the knowledge Like light falling on a plant, Keep swallowing till you can, And finally, call it off when you’re full. [Read More]

The shadow of the tired

In slow-moving traffic,
A Fast beating heart,
Unsettling eyes,
Starting at the screen,
Devoid of curiosity,
Scared of old feeling rising,
All vehicles are still on the road,
Questioning the decision to travel,
There falls a shadow of wasted life.